Saturday, 26 May 2012

Still No Card

Evening All, hope you are all enjoying your weekend.

Still no card I'm afraid.  I was going to have a play but Den decided today to clean out the attic and I agreed that he could, on a TEMPORARY basis only i.e. shift 'em today, put some boxes in my play room while he sorted everything out.  Just came up to have a little play and the path to my table is blocked by boxes!!!!  Of course he is watching a western on the TV and there is no way on this earth I can shift him when there is a western to distract him!  So, I am going to show you a photo of Roly who has had his hair cut today:

His fur is usually very thick and in this glorious hot weather we have been having he has been so hot and bothered so it was definitely time to get it cut!  In the summer he has to have it cut every couple of months, it grows so quickly!  When his hair is this short he reminds me of a Jack Russell! 

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Lisa Jane said...

oh he is soooo cute ... i bet he feels much better for his hair cut!
Lisa x