Saturday, 16 March 2013

60th Birthday

Good evening Bloggers, hope you are having a good weekend.  We have been very busy today.  Hubby ordered a skip for today, now usually they do not start work until 9 a.m. but we were rudely woken at 7.30 a.m., the skip had arrived!  Den had to dash down stairs while pulling clothes on over his jimjams, I just wandered down at my own pace, no need for me to rush!  We are re-doing our bedroom and everything is going to be replaced, furniture, flooring, skirting boards, even going to be re-plastered so its a major job and this last week we have had a good clear out getting rid of stuff we no longer want and shoving everything else in the loft, I never knew I had so much junk!

Anyway, in between all that I have had a 60th birthday card to make for Den's boss, she's a lovely lady so I wanted to do something special for her:

Everything is from a Hunkydory kit which I got for these type of occasions.  The silver and purple card are from stash.  


Faith A said...

VERY elegant, I bet she loved it.

Darnell J Knauss said...

George S. card, Zippy! I'm sure the boss lady will treasure it!!

Good luck on the bedroom remodel! How fab that you get to redo the entire thing! I'm so delighted for you!!

I noticed I wasn't on your followers and could have sworn that happened ages ago, so maybe Blogger dropped me. Anyway, I've signed on again!!