Saturday, 5 January 2013

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year to you all, hope its a fab one!  Did you all have a good Christmas?  I hope Santa brought you lots of lovely things to play with. 

No card to show you at the moment, may be MIA for a little while.  We have been getting the little bedroom cleared of all the junk and stuff that is in there and boxes put back into the attic.  I want it turning back into the bedroom as it is supposed to be.  I'm due to have an op on my foot sometime this year so want to be able to go and sleep in there while my foot recovers.  We started New Year's Day and just finished it.  I ended up with loads of boxes in my room for me to sort out, just finished those today and now need to get the craft room back into some sort of order, I've got play stuff all over that needs putting away and just a general tidy and re-organisation!

So I am hoping to back in the swing of things very soon and visiting all your lovely blogs!


Squirrel x said...

Well get on with it then !!! (wink) Sxx

Uma said...

good luck with the tidying and hope the foot operation goes well x